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Allergy Skin Test & Treatment

CQC now provides Allergy Skin Testing and Immunotherapy Treatments for patients suffering from allergies!

What To Expect With Allergy Skin Testing

Sometimes when seasonal or perennial allergies cannot be controlled by Antihistamines, your provider will order Allergy Skin Testing.

Allergy skin testing is a quick and simple, but also non-invasive way to diagnose which allergens are causing a patient’s allergy symptoms. The test will begin with questions to be sure the patient is a good candidate for testing. Once eligibility is established, we will clean the patient’s arms with alcohol, and then place “stamps” in the cleaned areas. Each stamp contains 8 allergens for testing.

Here at CQC, we test for 48 different allergen sensitivities.

After a few minutes, the test results will appear as little red spots or bumps. We measure the bumps, and anything over 4mm in length is a positive result. The bumps go away within an hour. There are no needles involved with testing.

If a patient is allergic and decides to do Allergy Immunotherapy, the allergy technician will custom mix an all-natural allergy medication in-house, and call the patient when it’s complete.

At that time, the patient will be able to come in for their initial allergy shots, and go over the custom allergy shot schedule with the allergy technician.

After completing Allergy Immunotherapy, the patient will enjoy 15-25 years of Allergy symptom relief, with no medication whatsoever!

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