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Physicals, Biometric Screenings & Wellness Exams

At Community Quick Care a physical, or Biometric Screening, is an annual wellness check for preventative care and evaluation of any possible chronic or acute illness. We will typically take blood work and give you a full head-to-toe examination. Insurance companies often cover 1 physical per year at no cost and it’s (FREE) under the Affordable Care Act. Many insurance companies also require this for compliance or you may face loss of coverage.

Physicals are a great way to stay healthy. These exams may prevent or detect an illness that otherwise may have been overlooked. Physicals can also give insight on ways to improve health.

Know Your Numbers

Our examinations will include checking your vital signs such as height, weight, temperature, heart and respiration rate, and blood pressure. We will ask about your and your families medical history, and past or current medications taken. Our providers will also give advice to help prevent disease, and improve overall health. Additional screenings (mammogram, colonoscopie, X-ray, MRI ect.) may also be ordered at the time of your physical.

Types of Physicals

Community Quick Care provides a variety of physicals including:

  • Pre Employment and Work Physical – We will bill your employer with proper authorization.
  • School Physical – We will bill your insurance after verifying coverage and benefits.
  • Sports Physical – We provide services to individuals or entire team on same day.
  • DOT Physical – We are Certified Medical Examiners and are listed on the National Registry website. Our providers meet the new guidelines established by the Department of Transportation which are effective May 21, 2014.

Schedule your physical at one of our convenient Community Quick Care locations – same day appointments often available. Book your appointment today!

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